Get your Homes Noticed for the Right Reason.

It's your photos that create the first impression for the houses you're selling. Doctor Photo can help make them stand out against the competition.

  • Before-Facelift
    Before Facelift After
  • Before-Digital Surgery
    After-Digital Surgery
    Before Digital Surgery After
  • Before-Major Digital Surgery
    After-Major Digital Surgery
    Before Major Digital Surgery After


(Volume Discounts Available – First Five FREE)
Make grey skies blue, correct leaning walls, lighten your dark pictures, adjust ‘Tango’d’ interiors, and reduce heavy shadows.
Send 4 in a month and pay just £2.65 each - the more you send the cheaper they get.
Target 5 working-hour turnaround.
Need it fast? Jump the queue for another 60p.

Digital Surgery

Delete Cars, skips, builders’ toilets, garden trampolines, other agents’ boards, bins, scaffolding etc. Turn on lights, light fires, add pictures to TVs’ and home cinema screens etc. etc.

Target 8 working-hours turnaround.

From £3. Ask for an estimate.

Major Digital Surgery

Complete part-built property, visualise how an old property might look following rejuvenation.

Target 48 hours turnaround

Ask for an estimate.

First Impressions Count

The very first impression your potential buyers have for nearly every house you’re selling is being created by your photos.

If they’re not top-notch, chances are your homes won’t stand out in the beauty parade that we know of as the portals, or in your other advertising. Bad photos will also dilute your brand.

Doctor Photo helps hundreds of agents around the UK each month by making their photos better. Operations from Facelifts to Major Digital Surgery are performed quickly and inexpensively, saving time for agents who would rather be selling houses than working out how to Photoshop them.

Adding blue skies with fluffy clouds to grey-skied exteriors makes a real difference to the appearance of your newspaper and portal ads. Correcting exposures, colours and lens distortion adds a note of professionalism.

Sometimes, there will be a skip, other agents' board or car that needs to be deleted, or there will be other problems that'll detract and distract. Most often The Doctor can help by accurately editing-out unwanted objects. Send him your photos and he'll make them better.

Experience shows that professionally finished photos will help your homes attract more buyers and you’ll attract more potential sellers because, like your sold boards, they're tangible. They show people very clearly that you really care about showing your homes in the best light.

Don't just show your homes, show them off!

All about Pricing and Volume Discounts

The more Facelift photos you send to The Doctor each month, the less they cost. Take a look below to see how Volume Discounting works. *And the news gets better if you have more than one office, because Volume Discounts are applied to the total number of Facelift photos sent by your branch network each month.

Send us Facelift prices (per month - payable in arrears)
0-4 £2.90 is the price for each Facelift between 1 & 4 that month
5-12 but in this range the price for each will fall to £2.65
13-25 and in this range the price for each falls to £2.55
26-40 and in this range the price for each falls to £2.45
41-55 and in this range the price for each falls to £2.40
56-70 and in this range the price for each falls to £2.35
71-90 and in this range the price for each falls to £2.30
91-110 and in this range the price for each falls to £2.25
111-130 and in this range the price for each falls to £2.20
131-150 and in this range the price for each falls to £2.15
151-175 and in this range the price for each falls to £2.10
176-200 and in this range the price for each falls to £2.05
201-250 and in this range the price for each falls to £2.00
251-300 and in this range the price for each falls to £1.90
301-400 and in this range the price for each falls to £1.85
401+ and in this range the price for each falls to £1.80

Digital Surgery and Major Digital Surgery edits cost a little more than Facelifts.

For example – (indications below are inclusive of Facelifts)

  • Removing other agents’ boards - usually around £3.50
  • Removing cars and skips – usually around £4 to £6 – you can, via Easy, request an estimate if you’re not sure.

* Combined Volume Discount applies where Doctor Photo is able to issue one invoice for each group of offices. Each office will still receive the list of their edits each month.

Quick Turnaround

98% of Facelift photos are returned within the target 5 working hours. 75% are returned in 3 hours 45 minutes. And there’s a ‘Jump the Queue’ priority service too, where, for example, photos are needed for advertising deadlines. There’s a 0.60p premium but that’s only payable if the target 2-hour turnaround is achieved.

Easy to Send Your Photos and Receive Them Back

Doctor Photo’s bespoke web application – EASY (Estate Agency System) by name, is EASY to use.

Once you’ve registered your account details, simply drop your photos into the box on your account page, tell The Doctor what’s needed and Press Please Proceed.

Or, once your account has been set up, if you’re happy for The Doctor to decide how to improve your image(s) you can simply email them to and EASY will add them to your account.

Once your photos have been made better, they’ll be loaded back onto EASY and the app will send you an email so that you can download the image back to your PC. There’s a Feedback Item link for you to use too. You can use this to let The Doctor know when he’s not quite got it right, of to tell him he’s truly brilliant and that you want to shower him with your grateful thanks.

See “The Doctor” in Action

The BBC Meets Doctor Photo

I’m John Durrant, “The Doctor”, I was an award-winning estate agent and in 2005 I sold my partnership after 37 years in the industry so that I could pursue my passion for property marketing. I love property and I know your industry backwards – in fact I know it so well that I was asked to write the 12,000-word Guidance for Property Photographers for the RICS. I’ve also appeared on the BBC and been featured in the Sunday Telegraph, and regularly speak at estate agency events around the UK.

Nobody knows better than me how important it is for you to get your homes NOTICED for the right reasons. You can’t negotiate with a potential buyer who hasn’t even seen the property that might be right for them.


"We've been using Doctor-Photo for a few weeks now, having blue sky etc added to numerous of our photos, and we've been really pleased with the turnaround and the difference they've made to our property marketing. But we had a particular problem with one important development. We really needed help because we could not get decent photos due to all the builders' debris on site and the shocking weather. Doctor Photo really came up with the goods by bringing trees into leaf, finishing the painting, adding glass balconies, replacing lights and boarding that the builders had not completed AND moving their piles of rubbish and deleting the site lavatory. We are really pleased with the end result. Thanks for all your help."
Sam Biles - Creasey Biles and King, Isle of White