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Just as we offer our 2-hour Facelift service, we now offer a Fast-Track Digi Surgery Service. As our team has grown we have now been able to dedicate at least one of us, all-day, to just cracking on with digi surgery.


By selecting the urgent button when uploading your digi surgery pic, we’ll jump you up the queue. If the job is fairly easy, you could have it back in a matter of minutes. If it’s hard, you’ll still get it back faster than before but some jobs can take an hour or two to complete, so we can’t guarantee returns in the same way that we do our urgent Facelifts.

There’s a small premium – around 20% over what you might usually expect to be charged – this normally works out around  £1 to £2 more, depending on complexity and time.

Just a watch out – if it’s ultra-complex, we will try but can’t guarantee being super-fast. it is art after all...We will contact you to let you know rough timings!


Over and out!


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