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Excellent, thank you Tom – these are incredible results and I will be using you for a lot of my photos going forward. I was on the cusp of hiring a stylist but I’m no longer sure it’s necessary if I use your services!

- Daniel Lees, Swift Property

The workshop was fantastic and extremely informative. Thank you for taking your time to share you wisdom, it will be a big help in learning the art of taking a decent photo. Hopefully you have set us all off on a journey to improving a small portion of the estate agents image of photo taking. After all, the shots we take of every home are the best chance we have of achieving the best price for the client!

- Ben – Bridges

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the great “doctoring” that you have been doing for us recently – it is really great to have such an efficient and impressive service available to us. You always send the “repaired ones” back very quickly – and it makes a really big difference to the marketing of our houses. I love the latest one with the blue van gone and the house looking bright and without shadows. Thank you and keep up the great work.

- Anne McDine – Megan Baker Estate Agents

My clients absolutely love our photos and are always impressed with the fact we invest so much time, effort & money in trying to make their property look its absolute best in all weathers!!! I am so proud of our photos that you are now a major part of my sales pitch!!!!

The ability to add a blue sky or to remove another agent’s board or an unsightly car from a driveway is invaluable and actually massively cost effective when you factor in time and petrol for re-takes.

We have been using Doctor Photo since the start of this year and have seen a noticeable increase in the quality of our photos which has had the knock on effect on making our window display, website, details & newspaper adverts more visually stunning, thus greatly increasing public awareness of us as property marketeers.

Thank-you for all your hard work so far.

- Brett Chinery – Howard Cundey, Bletchingley

The service and advice John at Doctor-Photo gives us is second to none and I would have no hesitation in recommending him, (to out of area agents!) . Many instructions have been won purely on the basis of the quality of the pictures that Doctor-Photo has helped us produce, so the decision to keep sending our photos to Doctor Photo to be made better, is a no-brainer.

- Steve English

We’ve been using Doctor-Photo for a few weeks now, having blue sky etc added to numerous of our photos, and we’ve been really pleased with the turnaround and the difference they’ve made to our property marketing. But we had a particular problem with one important development. We really needed help because we could not get decent photos due to all the builders’ debris on site and the shocking weather. Doctor Photo really came up with the goods by bringing trees into leaf, finishing the painting, adding glass balconies, replacing lights and boarding that the builders had not completed AND moving their piles of rubbish and deleting the site lavatory. We are really pleased with the end result. Thanks for all your help.

- Sam Biles – Creasey Biles and King, IOW

I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday. It was a great environment and you created a really relaxed atmosphere. The biscuits were the icing on the cake! Its clear that you have a huge depth of knowledge in both estate agency and photography. I was  listening intently with a school boy excitement, wanting to get out in the field to fine hone the techniques! I believe that your training will have a profound effect on the way we approach our presentation and I thank you for that.